Picture of ArrowAdult Services

Picture of Adults We offer a wide range of services to the adult community. Whether you need employment or Day Services, we have you covered. Explore our many services below and let us know how we can serve you!

Employment Services

We believe that work is an essential part of a meaningful life. Our mission is to create opportunities for individuals of all abilities, and to expect that they will be successful. We believe that the pursuit of this mission will change lives and build a stronger community.

Day Program

Gateway Services offers a variety of educational and recreational programs to persons with disabilities aged 16 and over. Most of these programs are offered between the hours of 9am-3pm Monday thru Friday. Bring your lunch and enjoy some time with friends at Gateway.

Community Habilitation Services

Gateway offers a variety of opportunities to participate in your community through small group services.

Kiwanis Aktion Club

Kiwanis Aktion Club is a community service group for adult citizens who live with a disability. This group of individuals receive supports from local Kiwanis and Gateway Services Advisors. The Aktion Club is a group that focuses on giving back to their community while gaining leadership skills and maintaining friendships.

Economic Assistance Program

This Johnson County United Way program provides funding and a Case Manager from Gateway Services to assist those who have had a job loss from 10/08 onward.

Access to Recovery (ATR)

Gateway Services is now a Recovery Consultant provider under the ATR program. ATR assists clients who want to get in recovery from substance use problems and disorders or need assistance maintaining their recovery.


For More information contact Jennifer Moss at 317-738-5500.