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Services are available now to some caregivers by utilizing Medicaid Waiver, CHOICE, and sometimes the home health services in our area. However, numerous caregivers are unable to access these services due to waiting lists or no funding availability. Utilizing the Older Americans Act, revised 2006, we have identified the following caregiver groups needing support.

We can now serve caregivers of family members who are:

  • Caregivers of an adults 60 years and older with ADL limitations
  • Caregivers of those who are any age and have Alzheimer's or similar neurological conditions
  • Caregivers 55 years and older who are caring for a child or adult with MR/DD
  • Grandparents or step-grandparents 55 years and older who are caregivers of children under 18 years of age.

Services we can offer include:

  • Case Management and Referral Services (helping to link caregiver and loved one to other funded services to meet identified needs)